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About Lisa

Tantra massage
Meet Lisa Lisa is a highly skilled Tantra therapist with over a decade of experience. She specializes in helping people connect with their bodies, heal from past wounds, and enhance their intimate well-being.

As a professional in tantric therapy and sensual massage, Lisa works with individuals and couples of all genders. She is particularly adept at assisting those who have experienced sexual trauma, struggle with erectile difficulties, or have trouble reaching climax.

At Tantra Stockholm, Lisa provides a variety of profoundly healing sessions. Whether you want to increase your zest for life or overcome sexual challenges, she is here to support you. You can indulge in a soothing and restorative tantric treatment or schedule a private session with your partner to explore the art of tantric massage.

Tantra Benefits for Men

Lisa's extensive knowledge and compassionate presence will guide you with warmth and understanding.

Sexual Dysfunction (PE/ED)

Guilt or Shame Around Sex

Performance Anxiety

Want to Become a Better Lover

Tantra Benefits for Women

By releasing tension and unblocking energy in the body, this practice can help increase the flow of vital life force.

Difficulty Orgasming

Heal Sexual Trauma

Painful or Numb Sex

Improved Sex Life


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What Sessions Does Lisa Offer?

Tantra Massage For Men

Discover how to become a multi-orgasmic man, cultivate emotional intimacy, and develop spiritual awareness. Overcome performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, and heal from past traumas while learning to be more present in your body.

Tantra Massage For Women

Shed your protective layers, allow your heart and body to deeply connect, and awaken your sexual energy. Through Lisa's therapy and treatments, you can safely and supportively reclaim your sexuality, emotions, and life with Tantric Yoni Massage.

Tantra For Couples

Immerse yourself in the sacred art of Tantric Massage. Embark on a tantric journey together and transform your relationship into a passionate love affair. Practicing sacred sexuality with consciousness and love is a powerful way to reach new levels of intimacy with your partner – spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Tantra Stockholm can help you both heal and grow by working with your sexual energy. When this energy flows freely, you can experience profound states of pleasure and harmony that positively impact your body and soul. Compared to traditional massage, Tantric Massage offers longer-lasting benefits by addressing not only physical energy but also mental and emotional energy that can become trapped in the body, causing emotional blockages.

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Lisa is located in Uppsala, 30 minutes from Stockholm

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