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Experience the profound benefits of tantra with Lisa. Improve your sexual well-being and intimate connections through tailored sessions designed for men, women, and couples.

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Meet Lisa

Lisa is a dedicated tantra practitioner with years of experience helping individuals and couples improve their sexual health, confidence and relationships. 

Based in Uppsala, she specializes in circulation sexual energy, addressing sexual dysfunction, releasing trauma and enhancing intimate connections.

Lisa's Philosophy

Lisa believes in a holistic approach to sexual health, combining physical, emotional, and spiritual elements to create a comprehensive healing experience.

Att stärka bandet med lekfull tantra

Tantra Sessions for Men

Specialized sessions to address premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED), and to help men regain confidence and control over their sexual experiences.

Sexual Dysfunction (PE/ED)

Guilt or Shame Around Sex

Performance Anxiety

Want to Become a Better Lover

Tantra Sessions for Women

Tailored sessions/Yoni Massage to help women release stored trauma, overcome difficulties in achieving orgasm and alleviate pain during sex, fostering a more fulfilling sexual life.

Difficulty Orgasming

Heal Sexual Trauma

Painful or Numb Sex

Improved Sex Life

Tantra för par: Utforska intimitet och lekfullhet

Stärk bandet med lekfullhet


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